Welcome to Ric's PEZ pages!

Hi! My name is Ric Cartwright, and I started collecting PEZ dispensers in 1995 because my brother (Stuart) asked my mom (Rose) to keep an eye out for any variations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PEZ dispensers that she could find. I thought that PEZ might be fun to collect, so I did. I started buying some older "vintage" dispensers that I found at flea markets, but only if they were under $5. That only lasted about 5 years, and then I started in earnest.

Now I have been (and still go) to many PEZ conventions and I have over 1,000 different dispensers in my collection. I am also a member of the Yahoo Groups PEZheads email list, where I maintain the birthday list for its members. I have also won some Pezhead of the Month awards.

Click on the buttons at the top to see photos of some PEZ dispenser variations and photos of my collection.

Thanks for reading!

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