Rose's Trade/Want List

Items I have for Trade (click item to see a photo):

Batman with logo

Holiday Truck & Walgreens Holiday Bear

Crystal Animals

Eeyore with line, Tigger with grey, Pooh with thin eyebrows, Pooh with thick eyebrows

Icee Bear, Hulk, Koala MMM

Nermel, Arlene

Trucks & Car

Wanted PEZ Dispensers:

Food Lion truck
Bottom Dollar Food truck
WaWa truck
Swedish Pez Gathering truck
Hurricane Barky with red stem
White Christmas Hauler
Silver Ann. Barky Brown
Gold Ann. Barky Brown
Sheetz trucks
Wegmans trucks

WinnDixie trucks
Nascar helmet #88 Dale E. Jr. National Guard
Sasha (Bratz) with yellow eyes

New Euro Rigs
Euro Set of Mini Mints  (Elvis set and Pez girl classic set)

PEZ Convention Pins and other PEZ Pins:

Contact me about what I have available.

Thanks again to everyone who has traded with me!