Pezzy, Our Giant PEZpal...

Born in 1999 in Morris, IL, our giant Pezzy made his first public appearance at the 7th Annual National PEZ Convention in St. Louis, MO. He stands 4'2" without a hat, and he made a cameo appearance in the 2007 documentary: "PEZheads - The Movie"!

Pezzy's Travels (mileage is approximate):

St. Louis PEZ Convention (1999-2009) 5600 mi
Cleveland PEZ Convention (1999-2007) 6804 mi
Minnesota PEZ Convention (1999) 0844 mi
Michigan PEZfest (2004) 0590 mi

22 Conventions Total = 13,838 mi

Have you seen our giant PEZpal in person? If so, did you take a photo of yourself with him? We would love to have a copy of your photos that were taken with our giant Pezzy so that we can create a fan photo album for him on this web site. Please email your name and the JPG photo of yourself with Pezzy and send it to Stuart at Thanks!

...and his little brother.

In 2005, our giant PEZpal was blessed with the creation of his little brother. He traveled from Morris, IL to the 13th Annual National PEZ Convention in St. Louis, and he is now at his home in Oklahoma. We miss him very much, but he has a very nice view from his home in the back window of the PEZcar.....Awesome!!

You can see more photos and information about the PEZcar at

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